Importing and exporting data

In this tutorial, we create an importer and an exporter for the xyz format.

Start by creating a new SAMSON Element called XYZ with the SAMSON Element Generator, and add an importer class (called SEXYZImporter) and an exporter class (SEXYZExporter).

Despite what the names suggest, this tutorial is rated E, for Everyone.

Parsing a xyz file

In SAMSON, an importer is created by programming three functions: getExtension, getFilter and importFromFile. Since you might have an xyz importer already, we’re actually going to read files with a xyzt extension (t for tutorial), even though the contents will still correspond to the xyz format.

Thus, modify the getExtension function in the SEXYZImporter.cpp file as follows:

std::string SEXYZImporter::getExtension() const {
	return std::string("xyzt");

and the getFilter function as follows:

std::string SEXYZImporter::getFilter() const {
	return std::string("XYZT format (*.xyzt)");

We now have to code the importFromFile function to read a molecule from a xyzt file and create a structural model. To achieve this, we are going to use the SBIFileReader class to read a file, the SAMSON class to manage the undo mechanism and access the active document, and several structural classes:

#include "SAMSON.hpp"
#include "SBIFileReader.hpp"
#include "SBMStructuralModel.hpp"
#include "SBMStructuralModelNodeRoot.hpp"
#include "SBMStructuralModelNodeAtom.hpp"

We now code inside the importFromFile function. We first begin by opening the file and store all its lines in a vector of strings:

	// get file lines
	std::vector<std::string> fileLineVector;
	SBIFileReader::getFileLines(fileName, fileLineVector);

Then, we read the number of atoms in the file:

	// read the number of atoms from the first line
	unsigned int numberOfAtoms = 0;
	std::stringstream numberOfAtomsParser(fileLineVector[0]);
	numberOfAtomsParser >> numberOfAtoms;
	::(fileLineVector[0][ numberOfAtoms = [(0[string[[);

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We now ImportTode the importvector of strings:

(#include "SAMSON.hpp"
#include "SBIFileReader.hpp"
#include "SBMStructuralModel.hpp"
#include "SBMStructuralModelNodeRoot.hpp"
#include "SBMStructuralModelNodeAtom.hpp"


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