Welcome – Introduction and installation of SAMSON

Discover SAMSON

SAMSON is a novel software platform for computational nanoscience. Rapidly build models of nanotubes, proteins, and complex nanosystems. Run interactive simulations to simulate chemical reactions, bend graphene sheets, (un)fold proteins. SAMSON’s generic architecture makes it suitable for material science, life science, physics, electronics, chemistry, and even education. SAMSON is developed by the NANO-D group at INRIA, and means “Software for Adaptive Modeling and Simulation Of Nanosystems”.

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SAMSON Elements

SAMSON has an open architecture which allows anyone to extend it – and adapt it to their needs – by downloading SAMSON Elements (modules). SAMSON Elements come in many flavors: apps, editors, controllers, models, parsers, etc., and are adapted to different application domains. SAMSON Elements help users build new models, perform calculations, run interactive or offline simulations, visualize and interpret results, and more. Add new SAMSON Elements to SAMSON straight from SAMSON Connect.

Browse currently available SAMSON Elements

Installing SAMSON

Download SAMSON-Setup form the website

A key will be sent to the email address you used for registration when downloading the SAMSON.

Execute the online installer you’ve just downloaded.


If everything went well, SAMSON should start automatically and download the defaults elements and the elements you added on samson-connect.net.


Launching SAMSON

Launch SAMSON on Windows :

  • Startup Menu > SAMSON 0.6.0 > SAMSON

Launch SAMSON on Mac Os

  • Launchpad > SAMSON 0.6.0

Launch SAMSON on Linux

  • Open a terminal
  • Go to SAMSON install path (~/NANO-D/SAMSON/0.6.0/Binaries)
  • Execute SAMSON-Core.sh script

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