Distributing new SAMSON Elements on SAMSON Connect

Packaging the element you want to share to the SAMSON community

Open the Helper ElementPackager located in SDK/VERSION/Helpers

The Element Packager find automatically the elements you develop on your computer, it shows a brief summary of the element informations

Choose a destination folder for the packaged elements, by default, it is located inside Documents/NANO-D/SAMSON/MyElements

Click on Pack selection, the information box shows you were the element have been packed.

Below you can see the hierarchy generated. Some templates pictures usefull for the publication have been also generated.

Uploading your SAMSON Element to SAMSON Connect


Go to samson-connect.net

  • Login
  • go to My SAMSON
  • go to My Factory
  • click on New Element

  • Choose the element file you just package

  • if the file is correct you should see some information about your element. Verify the informations before continuing

  • At this step, upload the images that describes your element, then click on continue.
  • Now you should see your element in My Factory, at this step, the element is not yet published, it is in draft mode.


  • To finish the submition process, click on Edit then fill the description with a large enough one, and fill the Element public name with the name you want your element know as.
  • Note that if you want to add a new version of your element, you just have to add it by clicking on Add new version.

  • Click on submit, samson-connect administators will receive an email to aprouve or not your submition.
  • Once your element is approuved, it will be visible as published instead of draft.
  • Every samson-connect user can use it now if the element is compatible with all the platforms.

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